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Hi, I’m Aubree. I am a yoga teacher trainer and I offer Tarot readings, Ayurvedic consultations, Private coaching and Yoga classes

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My ankle

My left ankle.My left ankle. It is swollen and a tad blue. I am icing it in bed trying to be a good girl. I have had problems with this ankle my whole life. It started when I was five. We were at the park at the bottom of the hill. My mom, my brothers, and I. I always...

Practice at home with our videos!

Practice at home with our videos!

During this time we can't practice together in the studio, but we don't have to stop doing yoga!  Join us from home in our live virtual classes and YouTube videos.  Here is an intermediate class you can follow along with: [youtube...

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Check out my YouTube channel for meditations, tutorials, yoga practices, and ayurvedic tips.

RumiSol Yoga

RumiSol Yoga

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