Aubree es la fundadora de RumiSol. Ella es una instructora certificada de Hatha Vinyasa RYT 200 con Yoga Alliance y una instructora certificada por el Chopra Center para las meditaciones de sonido primordiales. Aubree también es una instructora en el Instituto de Yoga Samay en Guayaquil.

“My journey with yoga began in college, in 2008. I was an avid cyclist, runner, and snowboarding looking for ways to stretch my body. My personality type is naturally high energy so at this time in my life yoga didn’t quite stick. Later on I eventually found yoga again. This time I was introduced to the practice by a roommate who was a Yogini herself, she brought yoga back into my life. However, it wasn’t until I really began to practice on my own that I discovered yoga was a way for me to slow down. Yoga brought connection into my life. Yoga lead me down the path to self-acceptance and it aided in my personal awareness. It gave me a life line to the present moment. Today my yoga practice is what brings balance to my life.

I teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes. I love to bring a sense of humor into the classroom and my biggest joy is seeing students uncover their hidden potential. Alignment and breath are big focuses in my classes, as well as variations. I’m a big believer in owning and learning your own body. I adore props such as blocks, straps, or the wall; you name it! I love to help guide students into the perfect Asana for their body.”