Tarot readings

Tarot is like looking into a mirror and seeing what you may already know with a fresh perspective. It is like shining a light on the current path ahead to give you some more clarity about what awaits around the next corner.

Sessions can be booked online or in person for special events.

Cost is $35
60 minutes.

Ayurvedic consultations

An ayurvedic consultation is done to determine the current state of imbalance in your body. You are provided with a daily routine that is optimized to help balance the elements within your body, mind, and energetic self. Included in the consultation is a video explanation of how to proceed with your new daily routine. A personalized herbal prescription and lifestyle recommendations are given to begin your journey toward health.

All sessions are online.

Cost $40
60 minutes.

Private coaching

A somatic based approach combined with reflective journaling and guided meditation gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from your higher self. Each session is unique and transformative. A witness on your journey provides you with the insight you need to create lasting change.

Sessions can be booked online, in person for special events, or large groups.

Cost $35.
60 minutes

Yoga classes

Deepen your practice with a one-on-one experience. Learn how to adjust your asana practice to your energetic, emotional, mental, and physical needs. Open the door for meditation and breathwork to take center stage.

Sessions are done online, in person for special events or large groups.

Cost $30
60 minutes