About Me

Hi, I’m Aubree. I am a yoga teacher trainer, ayurvedic health practitioner, mindfulness coach, and tarot reader. I love crossfit, mountain biking, hiking, motorcycles, reading, playing with my kittens, and cooking for my loved ones. I adore Ecuador. I am an avid traveler and an addict of learning new things. I use the tools of yoga and ayurveda to help people connect to their authentic selves; in order for their unique magic to shine. I help create change makers. I dedicate my life to growing communities based upon trust, mutual respect, support, and love.

Yoga saved me from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and eating disorders. Ayurveda cured my acne, PCOS, weight issues, and insomnia. Meditation has helped me focus on my goals and stay connected to the present. Tarot has given me the clarity I seek so that I may guide others toward healing.

I focus on the energetics, the somatic experience, and the breath when leading classes. I help people embody their most authentic selves in a safe and welcoming space. My yoga classes are designed with curiosity, play, joy, and abundant self love as their main ingredients. I would love to help you practice.